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Captain Jack Aubrey ([personal profile] lucky_jack) wrote2015-10-08 07:17 pm
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Very brief note...even though I'm using Jack's movie PB for ease of icons, he doesn't look exactly like Russell Crowe. He's taller, a bit bigger, his hair is more yellow and his face is a bit more open and friendly. There can certainly be a resemblance to other RC pups, but he's not a dead ringer for Javert, for example. He has a lot more nicks and small scars on his face, for one thing.

ETA: He is also younger than his icons might suggest! Jack is currently thirty years old.

Also, I might as well mention that he comes out with a fair amount of era-specific sexism, jingoism, etc. But he's very rarely malicious and is generally a friendly chap to everyone, so please don't let that put you off tagging. <3

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